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  • The story about the three Border Collies, Toby, Shane, and Whitt

It all started back in 1994 when I lost my son Allen my wife said we need to get you a dog so we found a Border collie he was seven weeks old and I named him Toby and it didn’t take long for him to train me and he was always by my side and a lot of times not thinking I would call him Allen and when I would go to bed he would lay on the floor on my side of the bed he was the best friend I could have. And then we moved to Ohio in 1999 so my wife could spend some time with her mother and then Toby got sick in October, 2000 and I did everything I could to save him, but nothing worked and I lost him on October 12, 2000 and it was like losing my son again. I have his cremated ashes at home with me. It's been about six months now and I'm still crying and thinking about my Toby and my wife Margaret said we have to do something maybe we should get another Border Collie. So we started looking and found some Border collie puppies on an Amish dairy farm in Bellefontaine, Ohio so we went to the dairy farm to pick one out and when we got to the puppies one came over and laid down on my wife's foot and she said this is the one and I said what about this one and I grabbed him by the leg before he could get under the Amish wagon so needless to say we ended up with two Border collies and on the way back home we named them Shane and Whitt and Shane was the one that laid down on my wife's foot I named him and Margaret named Whitt after me. Then we moved back to Florida in 2005 everything was going fine until 2009 and I lost my wife Margaret on March 28, 2009 I have her cremated ashes at home next to Toby's after four years it was beginning to get a little better for me and then on August 14, 2013 I lost my Shane boy I am so tired of losing something I love. His cremated ashes are next to Margaret's and Toby's its just Whitt and me now. When it's time for Whitt to go his cremated ashes will be put next to the others and when I get him back home I will be ready to go so I can be with them again. All our ashes will be put together and put in the St. Joseph Bay. (My wife Margaret called us the five pack)


Well, I lost my Whitt boy today April 02, 2014 I have now lost everything so I am ready to go so I can be with them again!  


I know Toby, Shane, and Whitt are happy because they are with Margaret again. And one day we will all be together again this I believe with all my heart. And that day will be a very happy day for me.

Margaret, Shane, Whitt, and Toby

The Five Pack

There is one thing missing in this picture me when the five - pack is complete and we are all together again. Then we can be on our journey what a great and happy day that will be. (My wife Margaret called us the five - pack)